Location Based Monitoring

Get more insights from social
data at a specific location.

We partner with a leading location-based social media
monitoring technology provider to extract insights at a specific location, area, district or building. We translate the social data at specific locations using our sentiment and emotion analytics algorithm to measure the public mood at a particular location. The outcome of this social science research is used to measure the impact of leadership and policy changes.

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Social Data

unique users


25 miles


Save money on traditional surveys. Use social analytics.

This case study was performed in a major city of a large Middle Eastern country. The goal was to measure and understand public perception towards the government. Social analytics approach can save potential resources and complement on-the-ground traditional survey method (e.g. questionnaires).

Tangible outcomes from social analytics.

Do not let the volume of social data intimidate you. Our team of data analysts and scientists are able to extract, process and provide tangible insights, statistically sound observations to build a strong case for change – from policy, communications, operations and many others.